Help with Estates

Clearing out a house when a relative dies is a task no one welcomes. It can be difficult, emotional and painful to sort through the belongings of a loved one. French thinker and writer Simone de Beauvoir wrote of her own mother's death:  "Everyone knows the power of things:  life is solidified in them, more immediately present than in any one of its instants."  Anybody who has lost a loved one can relate. Objects -- things -- can, in that moment, at that time, hold tremendous power over us. It's easy to get stuck. 

Also, cleaning out an estate is just hard work. You could have a mountain of stuff to sort through. Very often, the surviving relatives are overwhelmed by the looming task of cleaning out the deceased loved one's household. 

It can help if you don't have to face the job alone. 

So, now what do you do? I have cleared numerous estates and can take on the lion's share of the work for you. With every estate, I set aside paperwork which may be needed for legal filings, moving of bank accounts, etc. With 20 years experience as a paralegal, I have a hawk-eye for these kinds of papers. I can also orchestrate all recycling efforts, box and categorize objects for sale or donation, and put aside all other objects of sentimental value or things which are bequeathed. If the sale of a house is involved, once we've gone through the personalty, I can stage the space for realty showings.

Give me a call or send an email. I always tailor my services for each specific instance.