"God Bless you Jody, you are probably one of the nicest, most down to earth people I have met.  Thank you so much. I'm so excited to have a new home!  We are on track thanks to you.  Really feel blessed to have met you, not only for your services, but, your friendship and all you have done for us."

-- Val, Pittsburgh


"After seeing what Jody was able to do to a friends house, I actually asked her to fly across the country to my house and help me make a plan. In only a week she was able to re-organize my house, choose paint colors and paint, find new light fixtures, change out draperies, hang pictures and move everything around to make the house flow better. She has incredible taste and I was pleased with everything she recommended, but she also used what I had so it was cost effective and part of me. I highly recommend Jody because she is responsible, affordable, has good taste, can do just about anything and is easy to work with. In addition to making my house look better, I loved spending time with her."

-- Kate, Groveland, California


"Jody is a genius."

-- Ken, Groveland, California


"Jody was invaluable to me when I needed to prepare and move into my new office. She had great ideas about color and we were able to arrange the office to provide a good work flow and a comfortable space. She painted, moved furniture and helped organize files and belongings. 

It was great to have another set of eyes to look things over and another set of hands when I got overwhelmed. Jody was able to offer suggestions without pressure and then roll with whatever I thought would work best for me.  As a result I love the colors, which I would have never thought to do on my own, and I feel very much at home in my new office."

-- JW, Fox Chapel


"I love my new kitchen!"

-- JH, Oakdale


"After Jody went through all of my paperwork during a very ugly divorce, I felt like a weight was lifted. My attorney was thrilled and we were able to move forward with the case quickly. It helped me get on with my life. She is a miracle worker. I have a new lease on life!"

-- DH, Pittsburgh.


"The house looks SO much better. All thanks to YOU!"

-- AA, Pittsburgh


"I appreciate all the help and care you have provided over the last 6 months in taking care of the house for my son and I. It cannot always be easy cleaning up the bachelor pad. You have helped us create order out of disorder and it now looks like two adults are living in the house. We appreciate your reliability, attention to detail and your willingness to go above and beyond. (I'm talking about you weeding the garden the last time I was out of town. totally not necessary but greatly appreciated.)

If there is ever anything we can do for you, please let us know. I was a bit hesitant at hiring someone to come in and take care of the house but it has proven to be a great decision. Thanks again for everything."

-- John, Pittsburgh


"I can’t recommend Jody DiPerna highly enough. She painted both my bedroom and bath with precision and attention to detail. She was prompt, courteous, neat and her fee was more than fair.

Her work is commendable and I’d certainly hire her again."  

-- Colleen, Pittsburgh