Kitchen Rehab

This kitchen was sad, drab and cluttered when I arrived. It was dark and unappealing. Even worse, the home owner loved to cook, but she was saddled with a kitchen that was the opposite of inspiring.



















This is what it looks like today. Bright and inviting, the kind of kitchen where you can make a meal or just sit with a friend over coffee. Everything is handy to use and the space is inviting. Working in this kitchen no longer feels like drudgery.




Re-thinking Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen cabinet was totally worthless. It was hard to reach anything, and even harder to see anything.


I custom built storage for the oil, vinegar salt, etc. And added some nooks for the most commonly used spices. Now you can see everything and get to everything with ease. For this busy cook, having her spices and oils right at hand, and easy to find makes her kitchen both more beautiful and a thousand times more functional.


Home Office Rehab

For some of my clients, one room in the house becomes a dumping ground for all the stuff they simply don't want to deal with. It becomes depressing to even look in that room. Better to close the door and keep walking. Until the day that they need the space. This is one of those rooms:


The idea was to re-use anything there to make it a home office which also had storage for clothes (note the shoes on the shelves in the corner.) Other than the cost of paint, everything in this room was already there. The room now is bright and airy. A clear room for my client to work at home.