People sell their homes for all kinds of reasons, but no matter whether you’re selling your home to move far away, to down-size, or to upgrade, nobody likes prepping their home for the market.

Getting your house ready for potential buyers to come tromping through can be stressful, time-consuming and tricky to navigate.

I break it into a two-part process:  the first is readying you to move and the second is putting the prettiest face possible on your home.

Getting you ready to move is helping you prep wisely, so that you don’t move things you no longer want, use or like. It's essentially, several hours of sorting, prioritizing and, often, letting go. Why move the things you no longer need? 

The second part is staging your home.

For most people, they live in the house while it is on the market, so it has to be liveable. But it cannot be messy. I always like to create as much open space with good traffic flow as possible.

When you sell a house, you are selling an idea -- "If I buy this house, it'll always be this fresh and clean and my life will be awesome." (Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.)

Nearly every home needs a good, thorough cleaning to be ready for market.

Other's need more TLC. Some homes need a coat of paint. Some need new light fixtures. Some need some yardwork done to increase curb-appeal. And other’s just need some 'handyman work' to bring out their best. Some simple, inexpensive objects can be replaced, which make the home look fresher and brighter. All the little jobs that aren't a priority while you live there are a priority when you want to sell your home.

Buyers notice all kinds of things you might think they overlook. 

You’d be surprised what you can do which brings you a big bang for your buck. And, hopefully, helps you sell your home in a timely fashion.

Having clean, fresh up to date house leaves a potential buyer with the impression that they could move in tomorrow and it will be smooth sailing.   

I have helped single people and families move painlessly and staged all shapes and sizes of homes. I can help you get your home ready, too.