I believe that our environment affects us. I help people turn living space and working space into places full of energy, rather than places that sap them of vitality. When I go into a home or an office, my mission is to maximize your health and productivity. Living and working in a clean, ordered and organized environment will reduce your day to day stress and, simply put, make your life happier.

I work one-on-one with my clients. I believe that it is important to understand their needs specifically. And I tailor my work according. My aim is always to create spaces that are functional and also beautiful. 

Disorder, clutter and disorganization create waste -- wasted time, wasted steps, wasted energy. I am all about eliminating that waste. I believe time is the most valuable resource any of us have in life. 

A NAPO member (National Association of Professional Organizers), I have worked as a sole-practitioner for nearly eight years and, in that time, I have organized and beautified countless homes and offices. When most people hear that I’m a professional organizer, they assume that I install some new shelves or cubbies and, voila, a space is now organized. What I really do is assess needs in a home or an office, weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the people functioning therein, and create the best possible space for them specifically. It requires skills re-interpreting physical space, as well as an ability to work with people and all their idiosyncrasies. That is the best part of the job for me. 

After college, I spent 20 years working as a paralegal for a family of lawyers -- mother, father and son -- each one more scattered and disorganized than the next. I was relied upon to make sure everybody was where they should be -- in Court, meeting with a client, or at a real estate closing -- on a minute to minute basis. One of my most valuable skills was my ability to keep all of the case files up to date, organized and labeled so that a new employee could walk in and find what they were looking for in a flash. In addition to my ability to maintain order, I was valued for my ability to remain calm in a crisis and my sense of humor. All of these skills serve me well as the owner of Allegheny Organizing. 

I helped to raise two young adults, both of whom are successfully thriving and one of whom recently purchased her own vacuum cleaner. 



--  Jody DiPerna, founder and hands on owner of Allegheny Organizing, a company helping busy professionals, families and students in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.