Interior Design & Painting

I find that very often, I go into homes in need of some TLC. Decor is an afterthought or neglected. Rooms and whole houses look dingy and worn out. All sorts of things are dated and, frankly, a little depressing. It's my job to make the space functional, but I always have my eye out for ways to create a beautiful environment, an environment which suits the clients living there.

Very often, I have new ideas for design, simple cost effective ways to make a space look fresh and inviting. My aim is always to maximize the use of space in concert with the personal style of each client.

One of the things I help people do is to take a critical look at their home. I help them to identify what they like about it. What they dislike about it. To see how rooms make them feel. What colors appeal to them, what fabrics, what kinds of lines make them feel most happy.

Then we create a wish list -- all of the things that they would do if we could wave a magic wand. Then we figure out which of those is doable within their budget. Having the wish list to work from, we use that as our guide to make priorities and set realistic goals.

I always try to re-use what I can which is already at hand, partly to save unnecessary expense and also as a way to be kind to mother earth. I often find unused but lovely furniture in basements, attics and garages. Sometimes, all it needs is a little TLC and, voila, you have a new table in a new space. 

One of the most budget-friendly and easiest ways to update a room is to paint. Drab old paint can suck all the life out of a room and fresh paint, whether a couple of coats of white or a pop of color, can completely transform a room. There are thousands of paint colors and combinations to choose from. A new paint color can entirely change the look of a room; it is also often the most cost efficient way to remodel and update your home. Accent walls with bold colors, warm creams, stunning combinations -- the choice is yours and the color possibilities are endless. Doors, cabinets and window trim can also be painted any color you like. Update your drab kitchen cabinets for new, brighter color for your home. 

Turn your old, dated, areas into a fresh, clean, inviting rooms. Let's get together and create a space full of vitality. Let’s get our creative energies working together. No need to wait any longer.